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  • Address: PO Box 21132, Here Weare St,
    Melbourne, Vivas 2355 Australia
  • Phone: 1-800-565-2390
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Can i Join?

Age: Anyone over the age of 9 is welcome to shoot at the Archers of Jersey club. We welcome children, but ask that they are supervised for all sessions.

Equipment: All equipment is provided by the club during the beginners course and when you first join.
When you wish to buy your own equipment, we will be happy to provide solid and sound advice.

Where to start: If you've never shot before, have a read of the below section entitled Beginners Course.
If you've shot before and consider yourself competant and capable, contact us and we will a rrange an evaluation so you can get started ASAP.

All club members will be able to continue to help with coaching after these have finished. Below is our list of prices for beginners courses and annual memberships:

Beginners Course

If you've never shot before, this is for you.

Before you start shooting, you need to complete this 5 week course. It's not 5 full weeks 24/7, it's just 5 sessions, 1 session per week.

Adults - £50
Juniors - £30

Should you be an exprienced archer, you will not need to complete the Beginners Course in order to join the Archers of Jersey Club. You will however need to complete a free assessment.

Club Membership

Once you've completed the beginners course...

After having completed the Beginners Course, you must be insured and pay a club membership fee. The combined fees can be seen below:

Adults - £112.00 *
Over 60s - £82.50 *
Juniors - £54.00 *
Disabled - £65.50 *
Disabled & Over 60s - £35.00 *
Non-Shooting Members - £35.00

* These annual fees include compulsory insurance from Archery GB and affiliation fees to Southern Counties Archery Association and Hampshire Archery Association.

Archery UK Membership

National Body – 3rd Party Insurance

The above fees include a compulsory insurance premium of £40 pa per adult and affiliation fees of £7.50 pa per adult. A block insurance and affiliation fee is payable for juniors.

Why Choose Us?

why Archers of Jersey is different than any other club

  • We'll offer you help after you've finished the beginners course.
  • We have many qualified coaches.
  • We shoot throughout all 4 seasons.
  • We shoot at least 3 times a week.
  • We're experienced in Long Bow, Recurve, Compound and Mongolian.
  • We're passionate. We live and breath Archery.
  • We provide club equipment.
  • Our members have years of experience, ready to share.
  • When you're ready, we'll offer advice about your own equipment.
  • We offer healthy competition.

We can deal with

  • Beginners "I've never shot before"
  • Returners "I used to shoot and want to again"
  • Rehabilitation "I currently shoot and need a new club"
  • Expansion "I currently shoot, but i want to shoot more often"

If you don't fit into any of the above examples, we will still have you!

Want to join Archers of Jersey?

If so, click to send us a message now, and be part of our dynamic club!